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Buildings play a central role in all of our lives. In addition to providing safe spaces to work, live and socialize, buildings can help address a number of challenges – from reducing climate impacts, to improving occupant health and wellness, to increasing a building’s resilience to natural disasters.

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Chemistry in Materials Selection & Specification

The products of chemistry have an important role in advancing sustainability, health and wellness in the building, design and construction space. Check out the new issue brief from the American Chemistry Council and The American Society of Interior Designers on the connection between chemistry and materials and learn more on questions interior designers should consider when specifying products.
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Building for the Future

Materials made possible by chemistry are found all over buildings – from rooftops to wall and floor coverings, to insulation and sealants, to countertops and surfaces. Architects, designers and specifiers consider numerous attributes when deciding which materials and products to use in building design and construction.
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Health & Wellness

Americans spend nearly 90 percent of their time indoors, and buildings can shape and impact occupant’s health and wellness every day. Learn how the products of chemistry contribute to healthy buildings, as well as how exposure considerations can drive materials selection decisions.
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Environmental Innovation

From enhancing energy efficiency to reducing embodied carbon and improving building resiliency, the products of chemistry contribute to innovative solutions that can help address pressing global environmental and sustainability challenges.
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Society & Resiliency

As our global urban population continues to increase, architects and builder are working to help make cities more sustainable. The products of chemistry can play a key role in enhancing building resiliency, enabling affordable housing, and growing communities.

Continuing Education

Architects and designers can earn CEUs through our series of educational courses.

B&C News

Read recent news articles and blogs about building and construction innovations.

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